Jane Addams Hull House Visit 2015 UIC TRIO/Upward Bound Students

Jane Addams Hull House Visit

2015 UIC TRIO/Upward Bound Students


Upward Bound is for college readiness. We get to live in dormitories and take classes and by the end of the program we go on a college tour. We go to a number of colleges in whatever area we’re living in. During the program we are learning a lot about problems all over the world and levels of math that we haven’t taken already.


UB Museum Visit


Our visit to the Jane Addams Hull House was extraordinarily great. Inside the Hull House one is allowed to go through most rooms. Each room has a variety of information to pick up. Jane Addams Death Room is where the vast amount of information is located of her work and what society thought of her.


Death Room HH

The main staircase goes upstairs to the Jane Addams Death Room, the Playroom and the Maps and Papers Room.

HH 4HH 3

HH 2



This is a view from the first floor; here one can see a lot of artifacts used in the Hull House. You can see the dining room and a small version of the original thirteen buildings of the Hull House.

HH 6 HH 5

The Playroom has information about the 8-hour work day and child labor. The Maps and Papers room across the hall has information on how Jane Addams helped the community out.

HH 7



This is Jane Addams Death Room where information about the work throughout her life is shown and where they spoke about how she was dangerous to society.


Jane Addams was an activist helping low income families, changing working hours and giving children enough time to have fun and play. Jane Addams was considered to be dangerous to society by the FBI. She was successful at helping those with needs and changing their lives in one way or another.


Written by: Michael Medina



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